Govardhana Hill Festival

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Sponsorship opportunities

If you would like to take the opportunity to sponsor any of the following, please contact Krishna Bhavana dd , (Anyone may sponsor the full amount or half of the amount)

Guest Feast: $500
Flowers for decorations: $351
Govardhan Hill made of Halva and varieties of Sweets: $151

For sponsoring and more information please contact
Syamarani dd – Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm – (07) 3376 2388
Krishna Bhavana dd –


5.30 pm : Bhajans
5.45 pm : Go puja
6.00 pm : Abhishek
6.30 pm : Class
7.00 pm: Gaura Arati
7.20 pm : Damodarastakam
7.40 pm: Vegetarian Feast (prasadam)