Hare Krishna Temple & Cultural Centre.


Albert Einstein once likened Western Civilisation to a ship – a ship fully decked with all the comforts of life, but lacking one thing – a compass to provide direction. We often look to many different avenues to seek out that direction or that purpose in life. Different avenues that feed the different facets of our existence – seeking emotional fulfillment, physical achievements, mental stimulation, spiritual enlightenment – what if there was one place that could serve as that compass, that purpose and mission for life?

You may have seen the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) through many different lenses in the past; let us put forward a new perspective to you: ISKCON as the compass which guides civilization. As a global organization existing for almost 50 years, it has achieved much in its rich history.

Activities of ISKCON:

ISKCON’s charity arm – Food for Life – plays a role in helping to alleviate worldwide hunger.
Food for Life is the largest vegetarian food relief organization in the world, and has assisted in disaster zones like Sri Lanka during the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami tragedy. Hunger continues to be on the global agenda – not just in third world countries around the world, but right here in our backyard. Each year in Australia, two million people rely on food relief – a statistic that may awe many in a developed country. While our local restaurants and catering ventures provide nutritious, healthy and vegetarian meals to many of Brisbane’s local residents – we are also able to support local charities such as QiHN and OzCare in providing free meals to Brisbane’s disadvantaged communities.

Ever since it’s inception in 1966, ISKCON has been at the helm of Vedic education for young minds. Through weekly programs for young children, traditional Vedic-style school settings in India, government-affiliated primary and secondary schools throughout the world, and university-associated colleges in Europe – ISKCON caters for the educational needs of everyone – both young and old. Here in Brisbane, weekly classes are conducted for children and adults alike – encouraging them to deepen their understanding in age-old scriptures which continue to have elevance today. These classes are dynamic, interactive and designed to help answer questions from all facets of life.

VedicThe Vedic culture that once was present all over India, is quickly disappearing. But efforts made by ISKCON on an international scale ensure that the ancient Vedic culture is not lost.
Festivals in Poland, South Africa, and all throughout North America enthrall audiences with the beauty and majesty of the Vedic arts. Through song, dance, drama, vibrant costumes, succinct philosophy and mouthwatering cuisine, the Vedic culture is presented as the world’s oldest and still-living culture!
Brisbane’s cultural scene is fast progressing, and ISKCON has had a great role to play in this. With the inception of new and dynamic festivals added to the calendar year after year, we are able to provide the people of Brisbane with a fresh look on Eastern culture. All of these have received great support and encouragement from local councilors and politicians. The Golden Moon Festival, Janmastami, and the most recent Festival of Chariots have all given people a glimpse of how dynamic and vibrant the Vedic lifestyle can be. Moreover, it is a chance for people to appreciate and realize the timeless wisdom of the East that can still be practiced today.

History of ISKCON Brisbane

temple98The ISKCON temple in Brisbane was established in in 1972 in Milton, and after moving through a few locations, has currently settled in its current location of Seventeen Mile Rocks.
Throughout this time, the community has seen growth on many levels: a larger congregation, more interactive and dynamic weekly programs, a consistent daily program, three thriving vegetarian restaurants and a yearly calendar filled with numerous festivals. With continued expansion comes the need for more space and a larger facility – so we can continue to do what we do best – serve the community.

Plans of the temple

After extensive architectural and expert Vedic Vastu guidance, we have come up with the following plans for the new Hare Krishna Temple and Cultural Centre.




ISKCON is indeed the perfect compass to guide the ship of Western civilization on its journey to progress. It serves to nourish the four primal needs of all people: physical, social, emotional and spiritual. It is that one place where people can come to fulfill their needs from all these four fundamental aspects of life.

In order to continue serving as this compass, we rely on the generosity of individuals and business for support. Without the assistance of community-minded individuals like you, we would not be able to serve those in our community each year.

To be involved in this project is to be involved in writing history –Prabhupada once mentioned how one day historians will note how the ISKCON movement saved the world. This is your chance to contribute to saving the world. Countless benefits are achieved out of giving – economically, socially, psychologically – and here is a rare opportunity to empower a cause that is close to your roots, hearts and soul.

As an upstanding member of our society – your contribution to the New Temple Project will not only benefit us, but serve as an example to the entire community – as an example of the conduct and actions of great people. To contribute to history and a lasting legacy is not something that happens everyday – it is the chance of a lifetime. A chance to contribute something meaningful and powerful for humanity; to contribute something that will transcend the barriers of space and time.

“ISKCON – the life-giving movement”