Maha Kirtan at the temple

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Maha Kirtan 2

This Sunday 13th September from 1 pm the second Maha Kirtan festival is being held at the Brisbane Temple, 95 Bank Rd Graceville. This program marks the end of World Holy Name Week, celebrated by devotees gathering to chant the Holy Names in cities all around the world. There will be kirtan all afternoon until Gaura Arati, with a roster of kirtaniyas including special guests from Byron Bay and as far away as Sydney.

There will also be a presentation about Kulimela 2010, which will be held in Australia in December of next year.

The feast afterwards will be cooked by Murari Caitanya Prabhu.

Please come as early as you can and stay as long as you can, to lend support to the singers, and to immerse yourself in the ocean of the nectar of chanting of the Holy Name.

If you live outside of Brisbane or can’t make it to the temple on this day, you will be able to listen to the kirtan live at

Maha Kirtan for Kids

For children, we have prepared a parallel program, to give the children positive supervised engagement and to allow parents to participate in the kirtan knowing that their child is happily and safely engaged.

The day begins with a picnic lunch for the children at 1pm, and continues until 7pm with craft activities, story telling, games, a cooking class, a singing workshop with Diwakar, martial arts with Jaya Vijaya and many other wonderful pastimes and experiences for the kids.

We have a team of devotees organising and staffing this program, headed by Tulasi devi dasi, who want to make the Maha Kirtan festivals memorable, pleasurable, and Krishna Conscious for the children of the community.

The cost for the day, including prasadam, craft supplies and a certificate with a sticker for each activity is $10 for one child. To help us with planning we need you to RSVP your child’s attendance to Tulasi at If you have more than one child or cannot afford $10, please contact her. We would like all children present on the day to take part in the program, so that no-one feels left out.

Please come to the festival and take part in an ecstatic day for all!