Urmila Mataji (ACBSP) visiting Brisbane – 9 & 10 November

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As we know, Urmila Mataji (ACBSP), is a scholarly devotee whose passion is education.  She is the originator of the “Talking Books Series” which are so popular worldwide. She is a prolific writer, gives very interesting seminars on a variety of topics and above all is a very high class devotee and a staunch follower of Srila Prabhupada.

We are blessed to have her presence right here in Brisbane next week.  The following are the details of the programmes we have organised so that our community can get the maximum benefit out of her visit here.

Seminar details:

Venue: Sherwood Scout Hall, 14 Young St  Graceville 4075
Wednesday 9 november:  7.00 PM to 9.00 PM  –   Well-formed plan
Thursday 10 November:   7.00 PM to 9.00 PM:      Krishna consciousness in Good and Bad times
The seminars will be from 7.00 – 8.30 PM followed by light prasaadam.

Please note that since these are mid-week programmes, we request you all to park your cars as far as possible from the hall so that there is least congestion near the hall and the neighbours are not disturbed. Also, we would humbly request you to maintain silence while coming to the hall and leaving the hall after the programme.
The following are the service opportunities also available during her visit. Please contact me if you would like to take this opportunity to personally serve such an exhaled vaishnavi.- Picking her up from the NG farm: Morning of Wed 9 Nov.
– Inviting her for prasaadam and association: from 9 nov morning to 11 nov morning

– Making garlands for the programmes or organising Srila Prabhupada’s maha garland (from previous day) to offer her at the programme
– Preparing and distributing prasaadam for the evening prorgammes (this will involve making of something simple like cookies, hot milk etc.)
– Any financial contribution towards her visit here. We are  currently working out the final total cost of her visit.Thank you all and look forward to your attendance next week.

Sakhi-rai das  (shreeji@in.com.au)