Gopal’s Glorious Gang

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During the last month around 30 Gopal’s Glorious Gang children participated in the Holy NameFestival. They enthusiastically distributed approximately 50 books and lots of prasadam.

During the auspicious Purushotthama month they were also actively engaged in conducting home programs. At the home programs they performed kirtan, recited mangalacharan prayers and Bhagavad Gita shlokas, narrated the Purushothama month story and gave a short presentation on the glories of Purushothama month. Through these programs the children helped their friends appreciate the practise of devotional service to Lord Krishna.

The response from the hosts of the home programs was encouraging. The hosts were astonished to see young kids sing so melodiously and present Krishna conscious philosophy with a deep spiritual understanding. The children felt very happy and look forward to engaging in Kartik home programs in November.