Reverse Speech Guru Passes Judgment

One of the leading advocates for the poison theory, Dhanesvara Das s released a number of papers reporting on his reverse speech investigations. There he repeatedly refers the reader to the work of David John Oates, who founded the technique, and cites him as the authority on reverse speech. Dhanesvara also tacitly implies that he has the backing of Oates in making his allegations of murder against highly placed devotees of ISKCON.

We decided to contact David John Oates to see if he would be willing to give an analysis of the work of Dhanesvara. After telling him we were from the Hare Krishna movement, David immediately said he knew some Hare Krishnas, and then, without any further prompting, went on to describe his experiences with Dhanesvara.

The following e-mail message from October 1999, gives a clear indication of what David thinks of Dhanesvara and his work. It was written in response to a request from Dhanesvara for David to endorse his book. It should be noted that Dhanesvara had previously stated that he didn't need to get other experts' confirmation of his reverse speech analysis as his work is authoritative in it's own right. However, the real truth now comes to light: Dhanesvara tried to get his book endorsed by the reverse speech 'guru', but was refused in no uncertain terms. Here's what David John Oates wrote in October 1999 in reply to the request for endorsement from Dhanesvara Das.

You asked me a while back if you have offended me in anyway - if you even have to ask that question you have serious problems! I cannot and I will NOT endorse your work - you did not complete the final exams - you cheated your way into the course, you have harassed my staff for more than two years trying to cheat your way into final certification - you ripped me off when you worked for me - you looted items from my burnt out house - yes, you have offended me! Do me one final favor and stop doing reverse speech and stop representing yourself as representing me. You are dishonest and a sleeze!

Below is a selection of some of Dhanesvara Das'reverse speech analyses, which were analysed by the founder of reverse speech David John Oates.

Prabhupada: Save Me (Found on tape T38)
Dhanesvara Das

Dhanesvara makes the claim that this reversal proves that Prabhupada was being poisoned by his disciples. So lets take a look at the judgement of David John Oates, the founder of Reverse Speech Technologies on this.

Reversal One: "Save Me" - non existent. Does not meet research check points. Sounds more like "SaGe mit"
David John Oates

So the founder of reverse speech, whom Dhanesvara claims as his preceptor, concludes that this reversal is non-existent.

Lets have a look at another claim.

Srila Prabhupada: We shouldn't be killed. (Found on tape T45)

Srila Prabhupada again confirms that they are deliberately attempting to kill him by this protest in Reverse Speech.
Dhanesvara Das

Again David minces no words in giving his expert opinion.

Reversal Four: "We shouldn't be killed" - non existent. Pure projection into gibberish.
David John Oates

Many devotees are astounded how the poison advocates can make such wild claims with no regard to the effect it may have on their spiritual lives. The question many are asking is, "What if you are wrong and the poisoning actually neever took place, you will be guilty of committing the most serious Vaisnava aparadhas against some of the most senior devotees on the planet."

With this in mind, you would think that the poison advocates have some very credible evidence that is totally damning for the accused, and therefore they are sure about their convictions. However, as we can see above, much of the "evidence" is appallingly baseless.

David John Oates also gives some more insights into his experiences with Dhanesvara Das.

I first met Don Rousse in late 1996 when he enrolled for a Reverse Speech training class in San Diego. From our very first meeting, I began to have problems with him...He had a large propensity to exaggerate and "hear" reversals that were not there. He additionally was unable to follow the basic research guidelines for documentation and interpretation of his findings. This, combined, with his documentations of "imagined" speech reversals, led him to some wild and fanciful conclusions that bore no resemblance in fact. To compound matters even further, this man was totally unteachable and one could give him instructions over and over again, and they would simply not be heard or followed upon.
David John Oates

The fact that the reverse speech founder considers many of Dhanesvara's reversals "imagined" simply confirms what many devotees have been saying for quite some time. Some of his findings certainly seem to have their source in a very fertile imagination, such as this one documented in Nityananda Das' book:

Srila Prabhupada: He acknowledges in reverse the poisoning, sees the celestial "starship" waiting for His departure, and subconsciously communicates with Tamal to stop the poisoning.
SHPM p269.

The fact that Dhanesvara quotes David John Oates as his reverse speecch mentor and guide, while David Oates considers his work "bogus" and "inaccurate and malicious" is astonishing. However, those familiar with the tactics of the poison theorists will notice the similarity in the modus operandi of Dhanesvara and others such as Nityananda Das. They willfully mislead the innocent reader at every turn, and grasp at any straw that appears to them to support their position. Then after being publicly exposed to be cheating, they don't have the integrity to come clean.

In closing, it would be appropriate to give the last word to David John Oates, the founder of Reverse Speech Technologies, on the work of Dhanesvara Das (Don Rousse):

Rousse's report is bogus, poorly documented and should not be taken seriously. I would suggest a court injunction to remove the book from publication. You would certainly have my support in this as he is using proprietary materials in his book that require permission from myself to use. Not only was the permission not obtained but, IT WAS SPECIFICALLY DENIED!

The technology of Reverse Speech itself is accurate. It has been proven time and time again. But, like many disciplines, its accuracy is only as valid as the person who is analyzing. Reverse Speech has many trained and experienced analysts who are very competent in the field. Don Rousse is NOT one of them. In fact, he is a danger to Reverse Speech, he cannot be trusted and his results are inaccurate and malicious.

David John Oates