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Newsletter 18/03/04

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The Gaura-Nitai Dance Troupe

The Gauranitai dance and drama troupe is a team dedicated to presenting animated and colorful depictions of the transcendental realm.

On March 7th, Gaurapurnima Day, Gauranitai Dance and Drama Troupe presented:

Bharatnatyam dancing by Shruti and Mowmi.
Drama: Ajamila

Directed by Ramapriya

Upcoming dance and drama for Ramnavami: The Kidnapping of Sita

How to find us

The Hare Krishna Temple is at 95 Bank Road , Graceville.

Telephone (07) 3379 5455

By train Take the Ipswich line to Graceville Station (west side). Bank Road is opposite the station by the shops. Follow the road to the end, bearing left. Continue to the end of the road to the Temple.