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Newsletter 02/06/04

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Main points.

Visit by His Holiness Ramai Swami
The Spiritual Achievers Club
Restaurant Upgrades
Burbank Temple visits
Minutes from the last Istagosthi

Visit by His Holines Ramai Swami

Vidura spoke to Maitreya Muni in the pages of the Srimad Bhagavatam the following verse,

My Lord, devotees like your good self are verily holy places personified. Because you carry the Personality of Godhead within your heart, you turn all places into places of pilgrimage.

(Srimad Bhagavatam 1.13.10)

For the last week Maharaj has been at the temple giving inspirational classes on the science of Krishna consciousness. At the preent moment we are studying the beginning of the 7th Canto and discussing the chapter "The Lord is equal to everyone". Whilst this is a lofty topic maharaj has been able to explain and give deep insights in this wonderful quality of Lord krishna for which we are most grateful.

In his capacity as our local Governing Body Commissioner (GBC) Maharaj has also been pushing the local management to finalise the issues that will see us the new temple project commence shortly.

Ekadasi - The day we fast for the pleasure of Lord Krishna

Ekadasi as we may know occurs twice in a month and during these days the devotees fast from eating grains and beans. The temple devotees observed Bhima Nirjala Ekadasi some fasting even from water on this most auspcicious day meant for increasing our devotion to Lord Krishna.

The Spiritual Achievers Club

The Spiritual Achievers Club is for people who are seeking Spiritual Truths in a world of many dualities. The Vedic Scriptures deal with reality beyond belief and the individual practitioner easily captures the wonder of the Absolute Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna, the all attractive one, through the study of these scriptures. This club gives it's members the ability to strengthen their spiritual lives with a step by step program which gradually takes them to the level of initiation.

We have just recently had three successful meetings with the Spiritual Achievers Club members. Each member receives a folder with the procedure and explanation of the Club and a study guide in the form of a written test and recieves guidance throughout the whole process.

If you wish to find out more about this program please contact, Sita Pati Das, Krishnapada das or Tulasi devi dasi at the Brisbane Hare Krishna Temple or you can write to: Achievers108@hotmail.com.

We pray for the best for all our members and wish them a safe and happy journey back home back to Godhead. Hare Krishna. Yours in the service of Guru and Krishna, Tulasi devi dasi

Restaurant Updates

Govindas Vegetarian Restaurant (www.brisbanegovindas.com.au) has been in existence since the late 1980's and since that time has served tens of thousands of prasadam meals to its daily patrons. Over time small changes have been made, but now due to the popularity we have decided to make some major changes. Within one month new equipment will have been installed in the kitchen allowing the staff under the able management of our Head Cook Murari Prabhu, to produce a greater variety of preparations. We will also be extending the opening hours which will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for this exciting development!

Burbank Temple visits

Our friends at the Hindu Mandir in Burbank recently installed new deities. By invitation of their President over 45 devotees attended the function at which they were invited to chant bhajans for the pleasure of Their Lordships. Especially the sweet singing of Vrsabhanu Prabhu and Hari Bhakti Prabhus was greatly appreciated by all. This may become a fortnightly program and we invite all to attend.

Minutes from the last Istagosthi

The following are the reports given by devotees at the last Istagosthi and published here for the information of all. Next week the follow up will be held at the Heads of Department Managers meeting.

Krishna’s Café - report from Krishnapada Dasa

With the cold weather, the café has been doing really well. Clientele is up and trade is good. The previous robbery invoked local sympathy and support. Current advertising is working well (signs and flyers). Ben has been assisting on Thursday and Friday. The plan is to extend opening hours and increase manpower. Also will readdress the lease issue.

Restaurant - report from Murari Dasa

New equipment worth 20,000 has been purchased, including: bay Marie, benches, steam-oven, beverage machine etc. The has been done to improve the service, meet current health standards, to cut down workload and enhance the menu.

Finances - report from Sakhi Ray Dasa

Restaurant and café provide $1500/week for temple
Shop provides $500/week
Donations $3-400/week
This still falls short of meeting all needs by $3-400/week

Catering - report by Madhana Gopala Dasa

This month 4 major catering events occurred:

  • Winter Moon festival, McKay
  • Yagubee, Harvey Bay
  • RSPCA (Million Paws Walk Event), Queensland University
  • Captain Cook’s arrival, Town of 1770

The devotees have been catering regularly at the Griffith University. From this students have begun visiting the temple and one lecturer recently sponsored one of the Saturday feasts.

Upcoming events are two weeks in Townsville. Vraja Gauranga and Ben will be assisting. Dhruva and Ruparagunath are expected too. This will included the the Eeko Fiesta on 6th of June and from the 11 th – 13 th June catering at the massive Palm Creek Folk festival – devotees have been provided with their own marquee and will be doing catering and cultural programs and face painting. Devotees are being encouraged to participate.

Maintenance - report from Paramsatya Devi Dasi  

  • Slashing of grass down the back side of the hill happened
  • Painting and repairs internally is going on
  • A plan to move the sannyasi room to the back portion of the brahmacari ashram
  • A plan to cultivate flowers and plants for the new property

So far expenditures amount to:

$60 for plants
$160 for repairs

New Temple Project - report from Taraka Devi Dasi

  • Vastu consultants will be tendering the final report this coming week
  • Contour model of the Temple Buildings completed by Deirdre
  • “Vote a name for the temple” will be an online task for all devotees. see http://ourbrisbane.iskcon.org.au for more information

Spiritual Acheivers Club - report from Krishnapada and Tulasi Prabhus

The club has been a real hit. Sitapati, Krishnapada and Tulasi have built up a curriculum for new devotees. The first study guide in their training package is a of the Science of Self Realization which includes test sheets. This month the club has had three meetings. The first was an introduction to the folders, the second included a presentation by HH Devamrita Swami and the third was timed around an aroti followed by a discussion. HH Ramai Swami will attend the upcoming meeting.

The club is planning on providing the curriculum on the web. The next study guide will be based on the Nectar of Instruction.

Gauranitai Dance and Drama Troupe - report by Nitya Nadia Bihari dd

The Gauranitai Dance and Drama Troupe is planning for upcoming celebrations of Sri Krishna Janmasthami. Entertainment will include children’s and adult’s drama.

The next Ishtagosthi will be held on Sunday 27 June at 9.15am at the Brisbane temple.