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Newsletter 26/09/2004

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Jhulan Yatra

The swing festival of Radha and Govinda will be celebrated this Saturday evening and we invite all our friends to come and join in the wonderful pastime of swinging Sri Sri Radha Govinda. This intimate and very wonderful festival is attractive both young and old alike. Remember to bring a present for the deities!

Lord Balaram's Appearance Day

Lord Balaram is Lord Krishna's elder brother. His special quality is that when we pray to Lord Balaram he gives us the strength to better serve his brother. This festival will be held both this Saturday as well as the coming Monday. For those who are very devouted this is a half day fast for honouring Lord Balarama.

Sri Krishna Janmastami - 7th September

Over 5,000 years ago Lord Krishna appeared as a historical person. His devotees recognise Him as the Supreme Person whereas others consider Him to have been a powerful king. The best way to really understand Krishna is to read about Him in ancient vedic texts such as the Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita and other vedic literature. One can also understand Krishna by rendering devotional service (also called bhakti-yoga) and chanting japa (vibrating His name).
Devotees all over the world celebrate His birth with chanting, reading and drama and all of our friends are welcome to attend. We will also be offering the opportunity to watch the abhisek (bathing) cerememony as well as sponsoring an aratik tray that can be offered. Numbers are limit so contact Sakhi Roy, Mukunda Das, or Ram Priya to secure your aratik tray now by writing to them at brisbane@iskcon.org.au or calling the temple on 07 3379 5455

Srila Prabhupada's 108th Vyasa Puja Celebration - 8th September

Disciples, grand-disciples and well-wishers are sincerely invited to attend the auspicious 108th Vyasa Puja celebration. In the life of a disciple there can be no more important date in the yearly calendar than the appearance day of the spiritual master. The Guru is the person who gives us Krishna and throught the mercy of Krishna we get Guru. Srila Prabhupada came in a disciplic succession that traces its roots back to Lord Krishna Himself. If you would like to write some words of glorification please come to the program and or send an offering elctronically for inclusion in the Vyasa Puja book that will be offered to Srila Prabhupada on the day. Offerings can be sent to brisbane@iskcon.org.au

Program Guide

Program for Lord Balaram's Appearance day is:

5.30 pm - bhajan
6.00 pm - Class
6.30 pm - Fancy dress competition by children (adults welcome to participate!)
6.50 pm - Results to fancy dress competition
7.00 pm - Arati
7.30 pm - Game (Pinyata)

Janmashtami Program

5:00pm Bhajans
5:30pm Yajna
6:15pm Class
7:00pm Gaura Arati
7:30pm Dance
7:45pm Abhisekh
8:15pm Children's Drama
8:30pm Bhajans
8:45pm Drama II
9:00pm Quiz
10:30pm Reading from Scriptures
11:00pm Bhajans
12:00pm Midnight Arati
12:30pm Gifts opening and Feast

Vyasa Puja Day Program

10:00am Start
Reading, Bhajans, Offerings
12.00pm Puspanjali and Aratik
12.30pm Fea