Around the temple.

The temple is situated on the Brisbane river with terraced gardens leading down to the water. Palm trees and a Macadamia nut tree shade the area, where numerous Frangi Pani (Campak) trees bloom flowers for the deities.

Vice President Ajita das in his office.

Manas is one of the bright faces around the temple. His father and mother cook elaborate meals for the Lord and His devotees.

Deva Gaura Hari (left) works on the new temple project. Bhakta Michael (centre) operates Hare Krishna Food for Life. Dhruva (right) distributes Srila Prabhupada's books in the city streets.

Nand Kishor das presented a five day program at the house of Vijay Thakorlal, culminating in a fire yajna.

We also hold informal gatherings in devotee's homes.