Pass Mark 75%


  1. Who is Krsna? (1 Mark )
  2. What is your relationship with Krsna? (1 Mark )
  3. What are you expected to do with your relatioship with Krsna (1 Mark )
  4. What is the aim of Krsna consciousness? (1 Mark )
  5. What do you mean by religion? (4 Marks)
  6. Is Krsna consciousness a type of religion or religion faith? (5 Marks)
  7. How do you distinguish between religion and faith? (5 Marks)
  8. Can religion or faith be changed from one type to another? (5 Marks)
  9. How do you distinguish between changeable and eternal religion (5 Marks)
  10. What are the different types of religious faith? (2 Marks)
  11. Can religion be manufactured by philosophical speculation? (1 Mark )
  12. What is the greater common engagement of religious men? (1 Mark )
  13. If you believe that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead?
    How do you substantiate your belief? (5 Marks)
  14. What is Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan? (3 Marks)

Section Sub-total (40 Marks)


1. What is the meaning of the maha-mantra?

  1. Hare
  2. Krsna
  3. Rama
  4. The maha-mantra (5 Marks)

b) What are the progressive stages in chanting? (3 Marks)

c) How does chanting affect us? (2 Marks)

2. What are the four regulative principles and why should they be followed? (8 Marks)

3. Sadhana-bhakti is comprised of various devotional observances.
Please describe the purposes and benefit of taking part in the following activities:

4. Who are the personalities usually worshipped in ISKCON temples?

Match the description with the personality.

Lord Jagannatha, Lady Subhadra, Lord Nityananda
Srimati Radharani, Disciplic Succession, Lord Nrsimhadeva
Lord Balarama, Lord Caitanya, Laksmi-devi
Tulasi-devi, Lord Krsna, Six Gosvamis

Match with:

Section Sub-total (50 Marks)



1.What are the three modes of material nature and how do they affect us?

(9 Marks)

2. Describe the characteristics of the soul or atma. (5 Marks)
3. Describe the process of transmigration of the soul. (5 Marks)
4. Is the phenomenal world true or false? (2 Marks)
5. Explain how a devotee should interact with the material world. (2 Marks)
6. Explain Lord Caitanya’s philosophy of acintya-bheda-bheda tattva. (2 Marks)
7. Explain the origin meaning and purpose of Varnasrama-dharama. (10 Marks)
8. What are the four defects of the conditioned soul and how do they affect us? (5 Marks)

Section Sub-total (40 Marks)


1. Describe the characteristics and qualities of the following positions in devotional service:

a) Kanistha Adihikari (4 Marks)
b) Madhyama Adhikari (4 Marks)
c) Uttama Adhikari (4 Marks)

2. What is the prospective disciple’s relationship with Srila Prabhupada?

a) before initiation? (2 Marks)
b) after initiation? (2 Marks)

3. How should one regard the God-brothers of his guru? (1 Mark)

4. Give the English translation of the 1 st, 7 th and 8 th verses of the Gurvastakam of Srila Visvantha Cakravati Thakura. (6 Marks)


Section Sub-total (15 Marks)

Total (153 Marks)